Resistance Warmup Exercise Loop Bands Advanced Latex Hip Circle Band Home Gym Dynamic Glute Activation 7 Colors 7pcs

$7.53 $12.56

Product information: Color: Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Gray, Black
Size: 500x50x0.35mm, 500x50x0.4mm, 500x50x0.5mm, 500x50x0.6mm, 500x50x0.7mm, 500x50x0.9mm, 500x50x1.2mm
Material: Latex
Good Elasticity: High tensile strength, not easy to snap
Portable: Besides suitable for home, it is easily carry it to the gym and travel
Application: Fits a variety of exercises such as hip band squats, hip band leg press, hip thrusts
Purpose: Add gluteus activation to your workout routine with our heavy duty hip circle band
Material: Made of eco-friendly latex material, great for dynamic warm ups band
Package included: 7pcs Exercise Bands

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